The voices and videos of students who were there brought last week’s shooting to millions, and made it harder for elected officials to justify the fact that a teenager – not old enough to buy a beer – can buy an AR-15 and ammo. Will this one tip the scales? Only if we work to elect better people everywhere.


Sat. Feb. 24; 10:30-12:30: Moms Demand Action Cinti meeting. Join the strongest opposition the gun lobby has ever seen!

All week: D groups and progressive causes meet all over town. Everyone needs to help elect better people. Everywhere. What’s happening near you?


See how much $$ the NRA gave your MoC. Read up on what you can do. Check out talking guides but use your own words.

Congress is on recess this week but offices are open.

Ohio: Shut down HB 228 and HB233, dangerous pro-gun bills. Contact your reps!


Remember last week? Immigration, which went nowhere. Truth is, the party out of power has limited power. But our chances at the polls increase when we focus on health care and the economy. Now the kids might get gun safety on the list. Keep sharp by talking to MoCs. Volunteer for / support campaigns.


Some politicians do the right thing despite the risk. That’s why candidates’ values matter. We need to elect people who stand for economic fairness, justice and decency – and keep calling out those who don’t. GO KIDS!