MoCs finally agreed on a long-ish term budget that funds critical health programs, more of Puerto Rico’s needs, and the military. The cost Is $3 billion, and recent tax cuts will make it even harder to pay for. Bipartisan agreement is easier with other peoples’ $$. Still, this is the first bipartisan work we’ve seen in ages. Let’s take a deep breath and move forward.


The Ds have a sort-of promise from Sen. McConnell, and a sort-of intentionfrom Speaker Ryan. Many progressives think the Ds caved by not holding out to protect DACA recipients. Others think the budget wins are worth it – since holding out didn’t work last month. Let’s show Ds we’ve got their backs by reminding our MoCs: the majority of Americans stand with the Dreamers.


Tell MoCs you expect a solution.

We always recommend contacting only your MoCs. Not this week. Add Paul Ryan to your list. Say you want a full-floor debate: Email and phoneTweet.


Across the country, progressive candidates who are flipping R seats are focusing on bread and butter issues. But they’re leading with their values – what they stand for as people. Research suggests candidates can talk about progressive values in a way that will appeal to conservative voters.


Our history is an ongoing tussle over the role of government. Is it supposed to set the table for the wealthy or concern itself with the prosperity of the masses? The government is us, so the answer depends on who steps up.