Be The Better Angels was created in the wake of 2016 for people who might not become full-time resisters, but would do more than before (whatever) and keep it up. Vote. Pay attention in between. Speak out. Know why petitioning MoCs is a thing. The idea being, more people doing a little more, as a habit, will get us a more just, more effective government.


We’re stepping away for now. Janet is focused on SWORD, a grassroots group connecting volunteers and candidates. Shelley is helping on one campaign and finding other things to do.


BTBA goes to about 300 people, some of whom forward to family and friends. 40%-49% open it every week. Analytics only track what you click directly from the email. MoC contacts led for a long time. Now it’s about candidates!


For decades the R party recruited for offices at every level, while the Ds drifted toward focusing on presidential races, every 4 years. As for We the People, we’re sorting it out. How much is enough? What did Benjamin Franklin really mean by “a republic if you can keep it“?

In 2016, 102M Americans didn’t vote. There’s a clue!


We think it might look like millions more of us as Americans who do at least 3 things when we get old enough:

  • Vote in primary, general and special elections every year
  • Contact MoCs or other elected officials 6-8 times every year
  • Know 4-6 local, state or nationally elected offices (State Rep, MoC, School Board) and 1-2 issues at hand (most of the time)
  • Know who is in office: what they stand for; generally how they vote
  • Volunteer for / donate (until campaign finance reform) to campaigns

We’re on the way. Let’s keep going!