Dick’s Sporting Goods took a stand and other businesses quickly followed. In our social media world, brand reputations are made and destroyed in a flash. Businesses know: not listening has devastating consequences. For better and worse, Congress doesn’t work this way. That’s what elections are for.


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DJT called for the most protectionist trade policy in nearly 100 years. Trade wars hurt PEOPLE. He made this move without running the numbers or talking with MoCs. Tell them to stand up against his irresponsible behavior.


Apparently lawmakers can’t help but shoot themselves in the foot. Georgia punished Delta for taking a stand against the NRA, possibly giving Amazon a reason to reconsider Atlanta for HQ2. Yet Amazon streams the N.R.A. TV channel. Corporate activism is far from clear-cut.


Companies are emerging as progressive champions for social causes – despite benefitting from conservative economic policies. With the government slow or unable to act, maybe business is where change will happen for the better, at least for now.