Inexplicably, John McCain praised the tax bill for following regular order, a process designed to promote consensus-based decision making that includes public hearings and multiple votes. What happened last week was ugly.  


Since January, thousands of groups like ours have helped deliver significant victories. But burnout is taking its toll. A multiyear study of civic engagement shows there’s a lot we could be doing better


Every MoC tallies calls and emails. They aren’t required to share a scrap of data, but they hear us. The tax bill will likely pass, but we can lessen the pain on a few issues. Read up and speak out on what matters to you.

The Ohio legislature passed a bill that further guts reproductive rights, in direct conflict with Roe v Wade. Urge Gov. Kasich to veto.


  • Tues., Dec. 5 – 7p: Learn what Ohio is trying to do to weaken gun safety laws and what you can do: free movie & panel discussion.
  • Thursday, Dec. 7 – 11a-2p: Nationwide protests at local Verizon storesahead of the FCC vote on Net Neutrality next week. 
  • A new app, Amplify, provides updates on local efforts via Indivisible Facebook groups (see resources). Check for more community organizing events.


Our nation’s founders believed in consensus and common good, and assumed (hoped?) future legislators would too. But they held a range of opposing visions of what America was to be, and quickly formed political parties to garner support for their views. Parties play an important role in our political system, but at the expense of consensus, common good and progress. We need to elect better representatives. Every election. Every level.