Every week since January we’ve been searching for news about grassroots groups, what they’re doing and how it’s working. Until last week it was slim pickins. Last week’s elections don’t tell us what will happen. Just what could.


Success in gathering petition signatures has put pressure on the Statehouse to reform gerrymandering. A working group (2 D & 2 R) is supposed to propose legislation to be passed by both houses in Feb. and presented to voters in May. Their plan could be better or worse than what’s in the petition. Here’s a summary. Whether you support the petition, which would create geographically sensible maps but leave the party in power in control, or believe a non-partisan process would be better, write or call! Rep. Kirk Schuring, Rep. Jack Cera, Sen. Matt Huffman, Sen. Vernon Sykes.

Thanks to Sue Mueller & her group for the info. Any volunteers for KY issues?


MoC phone lines have been quiet on the tax bill. They know it’s bad, but they’ll vote for it – just to pass something – if they don’t hear it from us.

FYI, Virginia exit polls showed that people want healthcare. Same for voters in Maine. Up and down the ballot, voters opted for candidates who focused on issues and proposed to solve them in a bipartisan way.


Tuesday, Nov. 14 12-1p: Greater Cincinnati Dems Luncheon – Strategy for Dems to Protect our Republic. Blue Gibbon Restaurant $10 CASH 


Wednesday, Nov. 29 6:30-8:30p: Discussion on the Future of the Hamilton County Democratic Party 


Whether you want to help elect progressives in all 435 congressional districts or in your own, check out the tools in indivisible435 and flippable.org. As the D party looks to find its way, we are finding ours. We don’t have to do it all but we have to do something. And keep doing something.