On Oct. 18 Karl Rove and David Axelrod got together for a respectful, cordial conversation about politics. An audience member posted on Facebook that the most interesting part was Rove’s comment that MoCs below leadership level (McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi & Ryan) want to get things done.  

Nothing will change until we demand better. That’s why MoCs need to keep hearing from us. 



The House passed a budget resolution that allows a tax bill to proceed without bipartisan support. But it only passed by 4 votes! Once details are revealed – who will pay more, who will pay less – many MoCs fear their constituents will see the bill as serving the wealthiest Americans.

Wondering about the bipartisan bill to stabilize the ACA? Still stalled. Here are some bills and resolutions on the House calendar this week. Once bills are scheduled for floor action they usually have enough support to pass.


We approached Issue 2 confused, but with an open mind. We did research and came out a solid NO. This is the clearest op-ed we could find. Drug buying is complicated. 

There are a lot of players. The $$ moves in many directions. Pharmaceuticals need to be part of comprehensive, affordable, transparent healthcare. 


Another head-spinning week. Do Sen. Flake’s & Corker’s defections matter? Will progressive candidates be electable? What can we do to help more people pay attention, get beyond tweets and sound bites and vote for candidates committed to work together to solve problems?