DJT signed an executive order that lets him say, “I got rid of Obamacare.” His refusal to re-certify the Iran deal lets him brag on that too. As usual all he did was kick the can to Congress. And Congress is SO good at getting stuff done.


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The Senate returns to D.C. this week; the House goes on recess this week. Congress has the power to fix the ACA, and NOT kill the Iran deal.

It’s boring, but this is how we make a difference. This plus electing people at all levels who will work with others to get stuff done.


The executive order orders Cabinet heads to make plans that will: 1) Allow some employers to offer junk plans that don’t cover things like maternity care, prescription costs and mental health services. In other words, health. 2) Let people in poorly served states buy junk plans on their own. He also vowed (again) to end insurance subsidies that help cover costs for millions. 

A competitive, compassionate, strong America needs healthy people. 


The Iran deal is flawed, but Iran is holding up its part and is now far more transparent in the eyes of the world. To many heads of state, Iran also looks like the adult in the room. The deal is not a treaty, which changes the rules for Congress. But to keep Iran from reentering the nukes-for-war biz, Congress just has to do NOTHING. 

Remind MoCs: This matters. We’re watching.