The dance continues. If enough Rs and Ds find enough to agree on, and nothing explodes, something could happen. Maybe. Still more politicians are realizing that Americans want Ds & Rs to work together and get stuff done. 


  • Wednesday, Sept. 20, 7-9pPursuing Peace in Cincinnati. Seton High School, 3901 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati. International Justice and Peace Center hosts John Dear – activist, Catholic priest. Ticketed event, $15
  • Friday, Sept. 22, 6-8p: 2017 HCDP Fall Reception. The Center, 115 E. 5th St., Cincinnati. Jon Favreau, host of Pod Save America and former Director of Speechwriting for President Obama. Ticketed event.




Yet another last ditch ACA repeal bill. But the conversation is changing. Fifteen Ds stood with Bernie as he introduced Medicare for All, many who are working on step-change approaches to universal coverage.

Keep an eye on the bargaining chips in the immigration debate. Are there enough MAGA hat burners to derail this? Maybe. Maybe not.


  • Universal healthcare: Everyone gets healthcare.
  • Single Payer: For us, the government pays through our taxes.
  • Medicare for All: Single Payer with catchy name.
  • Public Option: A marketplace where people can choose from a variety of providers, mostly private. This started with ACA, but in the current proposals it would include the government as one of the choices.

Remind MoCs: As a nation we pay exorbitant costs for not great care.


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