The 5calls and indivisible lists of suggested issues are all over the map this week. That’s because there’s no blueprint for this resistance. At least everyone seems to agree our collective focus on Congress is having an impact.


Before Congress can move on to taxes, MoCs need to pass a debt ceiling and a budget. Budgets – how we choose to spend our money – define who we are. Tell your MoCs to stand up to DJT. Tell them not to fund a wall that won’t make us safer and most people don’t want.


After you reach out about the budget, contact your MoCs again. Pick an issue. Challenge them to take a stand and call out DJT by name.


  • Tuesday, August 29, 12-1p: Greater Cincinnati Dems host a weekly lunch with a speaker at the Blue Gibbon, 1231 Tennessee Ave., $10, join Michelle Mueller of Moms Demand Action
  • Wednesday, August 30, 5-8:30p: Portman People’s Town Hall, 3740 Erie Ave., (meet on the sidewalk in front of Hyde Park Country Club 5-6:30p). The Senator is scheduled to speak at the Club. The People’s Town Hall follows (7-8:30p) at 3030 Erie Ave. (Clark Montessori School) which will feature speakers, even if Mr. Portman is not one. 
  • Wednesday, August 30, 7-8p: Building a Bench of Progressive Candidates, Join the call-in. 
  • Friday, September 1, 7-10p: Resisterhood of the Traveling Laughs, Below Zero Lounge 1120 Walnut St., A night of comedy to benefit United We Stand and Women’s March 2018!


Real change will come with elections. Listen to Jerry Springer‘s take on why DJT won’t be the 2020 R nominee (if he makes it that far) and why the R nominee will probably lose. We’ll see many new, progressive candidates in the next round of elections, all with an opportunity to engage those who voted for Trump out of desperation and fear. Read the readers’ comments (halfway down, right side of page) in President Obama, Where Are You? Many people disagreed with this op-ed, reminding us it was Obama who said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”