No matter how much madness, this week offers the Senate yet another chance to kill the ACA. Senator McConnell is looking for a loopy way around 51 votes. And the Senate Parliamentarian is challenging key provisions in the bill, further complicating the situation. Meanwhile, Senator Portman’s vote remains pivotal. Let’s make sure a healthcare vote does NOT go to the floor.


Tuesday, July 25 5:30-7:30p: Politics Group Happy Hour at MadTree Brewing. 3301 Madison Road, Cincinnati. Real face-to-face conversation!


Saturday, August 12 – Sunday, August 13 12p-8:30p: United State of Women: Galvanize Ohio, Hyatt Regency, Columbus. THIS IS GOING TO BE A FANTASTIC EVENT! 

Saturday, August 19 11:30a-1:30p: Ohio Women’s Caucus Luncheon, Hilton Downtown Columbus


Senator Portman is being pressured from all sides. Be the loudest voice! Urge him to vote for his Ohio constituents. This means: NO to repeal. NO to repeal and wait to replace. NO to opening discussion on the Senate Floor.


The Politics Group Happy Hour at MadTree is hosted by the Cincinnati and Kentucky Enquirer. If a diverse group shows up we can practice a way of listening and talking we all need to learn. Remember, we’re here because enough people in enough states voted for someone who promised to further break a broken system. Our focus on Congress is critical but it’s not enough. 


If Robert Mueller is fired, be ready to peacefully gather in the streets. If we are facing a Constitutional crisis, it might be good to brush up on the U.S. Constitution. It’s a quick read! And as you contact your MoCs about healthcare, add a few words about country over party.