With the Senate vote delayed, more MoCs just might figure out healthcare matters. Which means Democrats and Republicans will be forced to work together. Anybody know how? It’s been decades since Congress passed significant bipartisan legislation.

Congress: We’re learning our part. Your turn.


  • Tuesday, July 18: Indivisible Day of Action for healthcare. Check for updates from local Facebook groups in Resources
  • Thursday, July 20 6:30-8:30p: Healthcare Action Night Urban Artifact, 1660 Bluerock St., 45223 Join in for a night of action activities!
  • Friday, July 21 10a-12p: Ohio SoS Office Hours Oakley Branch Library, 4033 Gilmore Ave. Tell SoS Jon Husted your thoughts on the ‘voter fraud commission’.
  • Saturday, July 22 12-4p: One Love Fest Washington Park. Unite for a day of creating positive change in negative times!


“This Russia Thing with Trump and Russia” matters. And it’s good drama. But our work! Before you talk to MoCs about healthcare, it may help to read the conservative message they’d prefer to hear. Tell them you don’t buy it. Make them face the fact that ‘freedom to choose’ will force many to buy junk plans.

And tell them net neutrality matters. The FCC guy apparently thinks it doesn’t, so we need to pressure our MoCs to weigh in.


MoCs we never saw in front of a camera are now speaking out, whining about how they’d like to work with the other party. They don’t tell us why they can’t. This story on how it got this way explains the history and role of party control. But it was written before the 2016 election, and doesn’t imagine what might happen when citizens demand their MoCs ‘be allowed’ to do their jobs. 


Too many TV hosts, pundits and journalists still treat MoCs as if they were at a sporting event. Even the most astute blather on about who scored points and which side won. Hey Media: Treat MoCs like they have a job to do!


[Image of Bloody Knife, Arikara from photo taken at Little Bighorn National Battlefield Monument, credited to Smithsonian Institution]