On June 27, Senator Portman’s staffers listened to groups of constituents all day long. A well-known Cincinnati R told MoCs to stand up to DJT and his intolerable behavior. Other Rs did the same. A few MoCs hinted at steps to improve the ACA – steps both parties can buy. A journalist reminded Ms. Huckabee-Sandersof the media’s and administration’s role in a democracy. And there’s us. MoCs are listening. Let’s keep pushing them to do right! 



Friday, July 21, 10a Secretary of State Office Hours at the Oakley Library

Saturday, July 22, 10:15a Moms Demand Action invite you to learn how to strengthen Ohio gun laws – at the Cheviot Library


Still healthcare. While you’re at it, tell MoCs it’s not acceptable that the only thing stopping actual ACA fixes is politics, not policy. We say DO YOUR JOB! 

Contact your Ohio Senators and Reps. Ask them NOT to override Governor Kasich’s veto on freezing Medicaid expansion – vote scheduled for Thursday. 


Columbus, Frankfort and 48 other state capitols: where the gerrymander sausage gets made! Changing state legislatures will take time, but 2018 wins in statewide offices will jumpstart the work. Email BTBA Kristi Woodworth for more info: kristineawoodworth@gmail.com. Or get started here:

  • Get to know 2018 candidates for Ohio Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer. Start with July 5, above
  • Find out your state Rep and Senator, Ohio or Kentucky
  • Learn about Ohio gun law issues now in play. See July 22, above


Happy 241st, with a shout out to everyone who is paying attention, speaking out, working for justice and believing that a rising tide lifts all boats.