Seven years. And all we get is a plan to take away healthcare from 23 million Americans – so that a few* million Americans can get a $1 trillion tax cut!

Hey MoCs, do any of you have actionable ideas to improve the ACA? Boil ’em into sound bites. Tweet ’em. Add ’em to the conversation. We don’t care about procedural shenanigans that could bring you to the table. Get to the table. 

Hey better angels, overwhelm MoCs with objections. And dare those with solutions to speak up.

*Lots of info on percentages of Americans at the top. Not much on how many will benefit from the proposed windfall.


  • Monday, June 26, 11a-1p: AHCA Protest  Senator Mitch McConnell’s Office, 1885 Dixie Hwy., Ft. Wright, KY 
  • Tuesday, June 27, 10a-7p: Save Our Healthcare: Day of Opposition Senator Portman’s Office, 312 Walnut St., Cincinnati. Stop by for a bit! 


Senator Portman tweeted a request for opinions about the Senate bill. What he heard. Add your 2 cents any way you can. Tell all MoCs to stop this bill and get to work!

KY contact info and other ways to make yourself heard @BTBA resources.


Venezuela was all over the news last week. Although it’s been troubled for generations this nation was once a democracy. We’re not trying to compare, but let’s buck up and stay on task. Our democracy is stronger by design and infinitely easier to salvage.BOIL IT DOWN 

Both bills, Senate and House, will let people buy cheap care that covers little. Healthcare calls on us to define who we are and what we value.