The calls for civility following last week’s shooting in Alexandria, VA were predicable. What blew us away were the number of MoCs and journalists who explained, with a straight face, that even MoCs who are guilty of incivility “don’t enjoy” that it’s gotten to this point. 

So what are they? Innocent bystanders?



The Senate is running out of time to pass a healthcare bill, get it back to the House and get it to DJT before the August recess. And the party in charge is still working behind closed doors with no hearings. Predicted Ohio impact (per Indivisible). Speak up. Do not let up. 

Here’s what’s on the House agenda this week. Check Resources for KY House & Senate contacts and more ways to make citizenship a habit.


Why do so many journalists and pundits still talk about the base vs. the party? Even left and right feels old. The new HuffPost editor says “the biggest divide in our society, globally, is really not left and right but haves and have-nots…” What do you think? We want candidates who commit to work in a bipartisan way to close the gaps. It’s our job to get them elected and keep them on task.


In the aftermath of the Alexandria shooting, count us among those who sensed disproportionate shock among the media and many MoCs with whom they spoke. Disproportionate to these numbers: Since January, nearly 7000 Americans have died as a result of gun violence. Injuries this year top 13,000. We wish all of the victims a speedy and thorough recovery. We wish our MoCs would wake up and take a first step to reduce gun violence.