DJT’s screw-you Paris accord exit left us feeling bereft, but just partly for our planet. Cities, states and corporations are stepping up, and apparently the market favors sustainability. The awful part was watching America abdicate our role as a global leader and listening to his ignorance and scorn. Brutal.

And it’s not just last week’s news. So many travesties we never get to! The EPA gutting protection of public lands. The Justice Department reinstating ugly measures that don’t work. Hurricane season approaching with no one in charge of FEMA. What’s not to be outraged about? We are all exhausted. 

Here’s what: we can’t change anything unless we speak out mobilize for 2018, understand how we got here and not let it happen again.


Check resources for steps you can take to meet our country’s commitment to the Paris climate accord.


Ask John Kasich to join the coalition of governors in the U. S. Climate Alliance. He’s sounds hopeful-ish. Does he mean it? Facebook Tweet Email 
MoCs: healthcare, the budget, truth, science, whatever’s on your mind.


  • June 20-21. Take the Town Hall to Washington. Bus caravan from Columbus to Rob Portman’s weekly constituent coffee (covfefe?). Check link for multiple details.


This weekly email is for people who don’t have time to do everything (or have never ‘done citizenship,’ and think it’s bigger and scarier than it is) but want to do something. There are lots of us. What we do matters.