Compared to the early days of January, our Facebook feeds are back to normal. Still lots of political outrage, but on balance, it’s the old normal: dogs, nature, kids, food, travel and the like. 

To find a good mix of actions and activities for this post, we have to scour resistance websites and private Facebook groups. 

Is this resistance settling into something? What? How is it supposed to work? 

We aren’t looking for one organization or person to provide a script. It’s not that kind of movement. We are paying attention to leaders, elected and not, who understand that it’s not that kind of movement. 

But whatever it is, it’s something. Just last week: 

News of Ds winning state and local offices nationwide. Tax rallies in more than 150 cities. 

The few MoCs who met with constituents last week faced tough crowds. We don’t know if those who made it inside are aligned with a political party. We do know they wanted to talk about healthcare and DJT’s tax returns, and exclaim their disgust at the Gorsuch nomination process and Sean Spicer. 

All across the county, lots of people are paying attention. That’s something.

MoCs are on break until 4/23! 
  • Brad Wenstrup: 513-474-7777, 7954 Beechmont Ave, Suite 200, 45255 
  • Steve Chabot: 513-684-2723, Carew Tower, 441 Vine St., Suite 3003, 45202 
  • Rob Portman: 513-684-3265 other offices, 312 Walnut Street, Suite 3075, 45202 
  • Sherrod Brown: 513-684-1021, 425 Walnut Street, Suite 2310, 45202 
Stop saying, “I’m guilty about not doing more.” No one is supposed to do it all! People are doing things across the county. Do what you can. This is about numbers and persistence. 
What are you passionate about? 
Community: school board issues, community-building initiatives, precinct or local D/Progressive organizations. 
Candidates: write a check, especially to new, promising progressives. 
Noise: keep reminding MoCs that you are paying attention. If you don’t know where to focus your outrage, stick with healthcare, or our lack of a coherent foreign policy. Don’t let MoCs off the hook. 

As always, this is a weekly post for people who are trying to figure out a manageable way to be an engaged citizen. We would love to hear your comments, questions and suggestions. Comment below or email us

Shelley Cowan & Janet Allen-Reid