Despite his refusal to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ opener, Donald Trump wants to play ball. The Democrats have a chance to get in the game, and here’s why they should:

As the healthcare non-vote showed, Republicans can’t even agree on the fundamental role of government, which doesn’t bode well for tax reform or any other legislative ideas in the on-deck circle. For now, anyhow, Trump can’t get legislation passed without the Democrats. 

Surely someone in Washington is smart enough to come up with one non-toxic piece of legislation, something that would help the country. Something Ryan and McConnell could bring to a vote. Something Democrats could support. 

A change in dynamics would be a breath of fresh air. 

This is for people who want a weekly summary of ways to resist. Our goal is to make being a citizen a habit, without burning out. Hopefully it won’t always be this much work. Feedback please.

  • Devin Nunes! Urge your MoCs to demand he recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of the Russian connection (Brad Wenstrup is a member). Even better, ask them to publicly support an independent investigation. 
  • Stand up for empirical truth! Tell your MoCs you are worried about climate change and the Trump administration’s disregard for science. Don’t let Scott Pruitt and Trump drag down the EPA! 

Brad Wenstrup: 513-474-7777 

Steve Chabot: 513-684-2723

Sherrod Brown: 513-684-1021

Rob Portman: 513-684-3265 Other Portman offices

  • Today (April 3) is the deadline for May 2 primary.
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whatthefuck is about what already happened. The countable app makes it easy to see what’s happening now. Countable helps you understand the laws Congress is considering. It streamlines the process of contacting your lawmaker, so you can share your opinion.
Should the Ds filibuster the Gorsuch nomination? Change the nominee or change the rules? This is a huge question!

This Huffington Post article lays out the pros and cons:

This Politico article is ‘old’ (02/02/17) but offers the possibility that the nuclear option is not to be feared.

Prefer to listen? NPR’s political junkie Ron Elving explains the history of Senate filibusters.

Do you believe the confirmation should be tied to Gorsuch’s conservative views, not his qualifications? Should he be denied because he refused to give substantial answers? 

What about connecting the vote to the Trump administration’s potential ties to Russia? Is Merrick Garland payback justified? Do two wrongs make a right? What about two decades of wrongs? Can the Senators make a deal? Should they? 

Is nuclear option talk just more inside baseball. Where do you stand? 

Follow your conscience, intuition or whatever guides you. Call your Senator and state your views! 

Janet Allen-Reid & Shelley Cowan