New people join this list every week, so another review: this email is for people who want a once-a-week list of suggestions for how to resist.

I’m still looking for signs of leadership — and a strategy — from the Dem. leaders in Congress. This column by Frank Bruni pretty much sums it up for me.
This is a short list, as I am out of town with spotty internet access. 
Calls to Senators
  • Oppose Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary. Mnuchin made a significant chunk of his fortune by aggressively foreclosing on vulnerable homeowners during the housing crisis.  
  • Oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA. Serial filer of lawsuits against the EPA, scientific evidence denier. Deep in the pockets of fossil fuel donors.
Our calls haven’t stoped any nominations, but they’ve made millions of people aware of the quality of people DJT sees fit to serve. 
Indivisible asks us to make calls opposing Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS, not just because of his opposition to reproductive rights and his many deeply conservative positions, but because this seat should have been filled by President Obama. I do not think this is good strategy and will not be making these calls. 
Rob Portman:  513-684-3265 or other Portman offices.
Sherrod Brown: 513-684-1021
Brad Wenstrup: 513-474-7777
Steve Chabot: 513-684-2723
When you call, state your zip code, and that you don’t need a reply. Make it short and polite. The staffer who answers is merely logging your opinion into a database.
Feb. 13: 7:00p. W. Clermont Democrats meeting at By Golly’s, 714 Lila Avenue, Milford
Feb. 14: 4:30-5:30p. Protest nomination of Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor at Rob Portman’s Cincinnati office, 312 Walnut St.
Feb 15: 7:00p. Training Session — Following the Indivisible Guide — Panera 8420 Winton Road. Register at 
Letters to the Editor
Write about your Senator’s or Congressman’s position on ACA, national security or whatever issue is on your mind. Send to Include your name, address, community and daytime phone number.
Congress is set to recess Feb. 18-26, so next week’s email will focus on local activities — even though our local reps have been MIA.  
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